Automatic Bank Draft

Forget the hassle of remembering when your bill is due. Save yourself the worry and postage, and sign up here to pay your bill each month through an automatic checking or savings account withdrawal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up my payments to be automatically deducted from my checking or savings account?

Yes, by enrolling in our Automatic Bank Draft Program,  we can arrange with your bank to have your billing amount deducted directly from your checking or savings account on the due date.

What is the benefit of Automatic Bank Draft?

This hassle-free method of payment means one less check to write and one less stamp to buy. You have the convenience of automatically paying your bill with little effort on your part each month.

Will I still be able to see what my bill amount is beforehand?

Yes, you will still receive a detailed copy of your charges each month in advance of the date the amount is to be withdrawn. Remember to deduct that amount from your account balance.

After I enroll, how long before the plan takes effect?

Your current bill amount will not be drafted from your bank account. The plan will be effective on the date indicated on your next bill statement.

What are the qualifications to enroll?

You must have a U.S. checking or savings account at a U.S. bank, meet our predetermined credit standards and your account must be current.

What if there are insufficient funds in my account?

We reserve the right to take payment in full when funds become available. A return charge will be assessed for each return. After the second return, your account may be removed from the plan and payment of the full statement will be due immediately.

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