Natural gas is an efficient, low-cost fuel, and it's in abundant supply in our state.

It makes our lives better. Nature's miracle fuel heats our homes, cooks our meals, cleans and dries our clothes, produces hot water on demand, lights our yards, and even powers vehicles. It benefits our environment as well-natural gas is the cleanest and most efficient source of energy available.

Texas Gas Service transports and delivers gas. This is accomplished with an expansive system of distribution pipelines that are located all over Texas. Distribution lines that move natural gas through your town and ultimately deliver the gas to you as you need it are connected to large transmission lines that extend to the majority of the producing areas of Texas.

Texas Gas Service maintains and constantly monitors more than 9,000 miles of these lines. You may come in contact with any of our lines, and you need to beware of safety measures related to each.

We are happy to provide safety presentations to your community group at no cost, please contact our safety staff by e-mail.

Texas Gas Service Warns Customers of Telephone Fraud

Texas Gas Service advises customers to be alert for potential telephone fraud involving individuals posing as Texas Gas Service representatives.

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Texas Gas Service da un Aviso de Precaución a Sus Clientes Sobre Fraude Telefónico

Texas Gas Service recomienda a sus clientes que estén alerta sobre un potencial fraude telefónico que están realizando personas que se hacen pasar por representantes de Texas Gas Service.

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  • Phone Customer Service Service: 1-800-700-2443

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  • To report a natural gas leak or emergency, leave the area immediately and call us at
    1-800-959-LEAK (5325). Or call 911.