Natural Gas Vehicles

Natural Gas Vehicles and the Environment
Utilizing cars that run on efficient, alternative fuels is a way to lower your carbon footprint and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cars that run on natural gas can reduce smog-producing gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides by more than 90 percent and 60 percent, respectively. The U.S. Department of Energy also says that natural gas cars help decrease greenhouse emissions by 30 percent to 40 percent.

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The Texas Gas Service Conservation Program offers between $2,000 and $3,000 for the purchase of a new natural gas vehicle, including commercial vehicles.

The Conservation Program offers rebates of $3,000 for vehicles converted to natural gas by a certified technician. Click here for more information and to see if your converted vehicle qualifies.

The Conservation Program also offers rebates on home or commercial natural gas vehicle refueling devices. These appliances tap into the natural gas line at your home or business, connect to your natural gas vehicle and fill the car overnight, automatically shutting off when the tank is full.

To learn more about the Conservation Program’s natural gas vehicle rebates, click here.


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