Understanding Your Bill

Texas Gas Service customers receive monthly bills which provide detailed information about your account. The amount of natural gas you use is measured on a meter at your home. Your meter will be read and your account billed at about the same time each month. To learn how to read your meter, click here.

You may also sign up for the Average Bill Calculation (ABC) Plan, which reduces the fluctuations in your bill amount each month by spreading your natural gas expenses throughout the year.

For more information on how to read your monthly billing statement, view this sample bill from our sister company.

The following descriptions are given to help you better understand the various charges listed on your bill:

Cost of Gas (COG) – Cost of Gas includes the cost the company pays for natural gas, as well as related storage and transportation costs. The COG may also contain other charges approved by the appropriate regulatory authority. State statutes or regulations do not allow the company to mark up the cost of gas.

Customer Charge or Service Charge – Customers pay a Customer or Service Charge to help recover the fixed costs of providing natural gas service. Fixed costs include bill processing, meter reading, meter equipment, service line maintenance and customer service personnel.

Delivery Charge – Customers pay a Delivery Charge to have natural gas delivered to their residence or business. The charge is based on billed gas usage and may vary monthly.

WNA - The Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA), which is related to normal weather, is applied to the billed usage and appears as a credit, if it is colder than normal, or a debit, if it is warmer than normal. The factor changes monthly.

Riders and Other Fees - Are designed to cover a variety of expenses related to making sure that you have service when you need it. These charges are not included in the basic rates because they may fluctuate.

Franchise Fee - The Franchise Fee is a tax which we pay to a municipality in order to operate within the city and use its rights of way for our pipelines.

Units of Measure

  • Ccf – Abbreviation for 100 cubic feet. Mcf – Abbreviation for 1,000 cubic feet. Dth – Abbreviation for 1,000,000 Btu’s (1 MMBtu)
  • Constant – The Constant is a pressure factor or meter factor used to convert metered volume to bill volume.

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and then call 911 and 800-959-5325.