Understanding Your Bill

Texas Gas Service customers receive monthly bills. Your monthly bill provides detailed information about your account. The amount of natural gas you use is measured on a meter at your home. Your meter will be read and your account billed at about the same time each month.

How Rates Are Set

  • Rates for natural gas utility customers in Texas are set by the municipalities (cities) where natural gas distribution companies (like Texas Gas Service) operate.
  • State law gives the city the authority to review and approve these rates.
  • Texas Gas Service must file new rates with, and gain approval from, each city we provide natural gas service.
  • If you live outside city limits, the Texas Railroad Commission has the authority to review and approve your natural gas rates.
  • When a utility files for new rates, the city has up to 125 days to review, approve and implement the rates.

To report a natural gas odor or emergency, leave the area immediately and then call 911 and 800-959-5325.