Paperless Billing

With our Paperless Billing Program, you may view and print your monthly statement online. After enrolling in the program, you will no longer receive a paper statement. Instead, you will receive an email notification each month when your billing statement is ready to view online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from choosing paperless billing?

You may view and print your monthly statement online. We will notify you via email each month when your statement is ready to view. Please note that once you have enrolled in this program, you will no longer receive a mailed statement.

What is the difference between a paperless bill and a printed bill I receive in the mail?

The only difference is that you no longer have the hassle and worry of a paper bill being lost in the mail. Our paperless bill requires fewer resources and creates less waste, helping us all to be green!

What can I expect after enrolling in paperless billing?

You will begin receiving your bill in your email inbox. A link in the message will take you directly to our website, where you can log on, review your statement and even pay your bill directly.

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