If You Smell Gas

You cannot smell natural gas in its natural state, so we add a chemical to help you detect its presence. This chemical, called mercaptan, has a strong odor very much like rotten eggs.

  • If you smell even the faint odor of mercaptan or hear a hissing noise, notify others in person - not by phone - to leave the premises, and then leave.
  • Do not turn appliances or lights on or off. Do not use the telephone. Electrical currents in switches and telephones may spark an explosion.
  • After you leave the potentially affected area, call 1-800-959-LEAK (5325) to report a gas leak.
  • Stay away from the building until an official familiar with the situation tells you it is safe to return.
  • Once your gas has been shut off, do not try to turn it back on. Only a qualified person may perform this task.

What to do if you suspect a natural gas leak

Use your senses – your nose, eyes and ears – to stay safe. Learn more.

Excavator Safety Brochure

Know what’s underground. For contractors and anyone using excavating equipment, read the excavator safety brochure for advice and tips on what to look for and how to stay safe.
  • 811Call 811 before you dig.

  • Phone Customer Service Service: 1-800-700-2443

  • EmailEmail Customer Service
  • To report a natural gas leak or emergency, leave the area immediately and call us at
    1-800-959-LEAK (5325). Or call 911.