Residential Programs

 Texas Gas Service offers 14 different rebates* for qualified residential customers.

Home Improvement Programs

Get a rebate when you make improvement on your home!

Water Heating Programs

Find rebates for natural gas water heaters.

Residential Heating Program

Receive a rebate for heating your home with natural gas!

Natural Gas Dryer

See rebates available for natural gas clothes dryers and natural gas dryer stub installation.

Vehicle Programs

Get a rebate for driving a NGV!

Other Programs

Discover additional rebates on equipment and weatherization.

* Rebate programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding and guidelines for these programs may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

For New Homes: An address may only receive a single rebate for the installation of equipment. If a homebuilder applies for and receives the rebate, the residential customer will not be eligible. Please consult with your builder if purchasing a new home to verify whether rebates have already been claimed.


2015 Conservation Program Annual Report

The Texas Gas Service Conservation Program helps Central Texans make smart energy choices that save money, protect the environment and improve their families' quality of life.

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  • To report a natural gas leak or emergency, leave the area immediately and call us at
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