Latest news and updates

  • Until further notice, we will no longer leave a customer off that currently has active service strictly based on the customer answering "yes" to one of the three COVID-19 questions.
  • We no longer ask customers for a negative COVID test result to expedite service.
  • We do not plan to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for our employees; however, we highly recommend that our employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine -- similar to our recommendation that employees get their annual flu shot.
  • When responding to service calls, our goal will be to educate our customers on the safeguards we are taking to keep them safe (masking, distancing, limiting time in their home, asking them to stand in another room).
  • All employees, including those who receive the vaccination, will be required to continue to wear masks until local and state authorities indicate community spread is contained.

Service updates

  • We are limiting work that could disrupt service to customers unless related to an emergency or a compliance requirement in all of Texas.