With all the driving we do, wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re helping your car last longer, saving money and benefiting the environment? Good news! You can with a natural gas vehicle (NGV). In addition to fueling your home and business, natural gas can power your weekend sports taxi or even your entire fleet. 


Compressed Natural Gas is Better for Your Vehicle

You're probably asking yourself, "Why would I switch to a different fuel?" Well, for one, utilizing compressed natural gas (CNG) is better for your vehicle. CNG helps your engine perform better, your spark plugs last longer and your oil stay cleaner longer. This results in lower maintenance costs, saving you money and extending the life of your vehicle. Natural gas is plentiful and a great alternative to diesel or gasoline. Actually, today’s natural gas engines designed for transit buses, heavy duty trucks, refuse trucks and other fleet applications are noticing the benefits of using natural gas. 


Natural Gas Vehicles Are Better for the Environment

Ready to reduce your carbon footprint? NGVs are some of the lowest greenhouse 
gas-emitting vehicles on the road today. In fact, natural gas vehicles emit up to 21% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline and diesel vehicles. Even better, when fueling with clean renewable natural gas, emissions can be reduced up to 125%. (Source: Energy Information Administration)


Natural Gas Vehicles Have an Excellent Safety Record

As Laurence Oliver asked Dustin Hoffman in the classic movie Marathon Man, “Is it safe?" Yes, Larry, it is very safe. NGVs have an excellent safety record because of the properties of the fuel, the integrity of the natural gas vehicle and its fuel delivery system.  


Natural Gas Vehicles Pay for Themselves

Who doesn’t want to brag about their vehicle paying for itself? NGVs can have a payback period as short as 18- to 24-months for heavy-duty, high-mileage fleets. Got a large fleet? You can save millions of dollars each year in reduced operating and maintenance costs by converting large trucking fleets to natural gas. Plus, on average, CNG has been priced consistently lower than gasoline and diesel.


Natural Gas Is Resilient and Reliable

During severe weather situations, natural gas fueling options are not impacted by gasoline shortages, so you won’t have to wait in long lines.  


Ready to make the switch to a Natural Gas Vehicle?


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