Austin, Texas – October 12, 2020 – With cold weather on the horizon, Texas Gas Service has simple energy-saving tips to help customers reduce energy use, save money and stay comfortable this winter.

Winter Weather Tips 

Here are some easy energy efficiency tips that can help conserve energy and save money on utility bills.

  • Set the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees F or the “warm” setting, and if your home will be vacant for two days or more, set it to the pilot position for even more savings.
  • Apply weather stripping and caulk to seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors to stop air leaks and prevent energy loss.
  • Lower the temperature on your thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees if your house will be empty for four hours or longer. Each degree saves about 1% on your heating costs.
  • Install inexpensive foam gaskets to seal electrical switches and outlets, which can account for up to 10% of your home’s energy loss.
  • Change or clean the filters on your air conditioning and heating units, which can lower your energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

“It’s important to remember when temperatures drop, it can take more natural gas to heat your home and business, so energy conservation becomes very important,” said Christy Penders, public relations manager.

Bill Averaging Reduces Bill Fluctuations

Customers can also reduce the fluctuation of their monthly natural gas bill and budget through the Average Bill Calculation Plan.

“This program reduces the volatility of seasonal energy expenses by spreading out the cost throughout the year based on a residence’s 12-month rolling bill average, which means customers will pay about the same amount each month, regardless of usage,” said Penders.

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