Power outages are bound to happen. Sometimes they’re predictable and caused by strong winds or severe weather. Other times they happen without notice and are a result of equipment failure.

Regardless of the cause, power outages can range in severity from a momentary inconvenience to a costly safety hazard.

You can help protect yourself from power outages with a natural gas backup generator. Natural gas generators have a track record of reliability. Common in residential, commercial and industrial settings, natural gas generators are permanently installed and supplied with fuel from us at Texas Gas Service.

A natural gas backup generator can be a sound, long-term investment for your peace-of-mind. Here are five reasons to consider installing one in your home.

1. Reliably Backs Up Electricity

Natural gas backup generators provide peace of mind, ready to get to work if the power goes out. Backup generators monitor power around the clock. When generators detect an outage, they automatically switch on with little to no disruption in power.

2. Access to Fuel

Since natural gas is the most reliable energy source, it’s a great fuel option for backup generators. Unlike diesel, propane or gasoline generators, you don’t need to plan ahead. There's no need to buy fuel, figure out where to store fuel, or worry if fuel has gone bad.

3. Less Expensive to Operate

Natural gas is an affordable fuel source. Compared to diesel, propane or gasoline, natural gas generators cost significantly less to operate. Plus, we offer rebates on installation costs for natural gas generators.

4. Customizable Sizing

Natural gas backup generators are capable of powering a couple appliances or your whole home. Unlike portable generators, that only power an appliance or two, natural gas generators come in a variety of sizes. You can calculate your specific energy needs and install a generator that works best for you.

5. Better for the Environment

Natural gas is an environmentally friendly fuel choice. Compared to diesel, propane or gasoline, natural gas generators produce less greenhouse gasses. They're a responsible option to power your home in the event of an emergency.

A Smart Solution to Power Your Home

Natural gas backup generators are an efficient, cost-effective solution to keep your home running during even the most severe storms. If you’re considering one for your home, you can learn more about natural gas generators here.

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