From unpredictable weather to surprise power outages, a backup power solution is helpful in Texas. Canter Power Systems, the largest residential natural gas whole-home generator installer in the United States, offers a backup generator program for those in Austin and surrounding areas. Whole-home natural gas generators provide an option when needed, using a direct connection to your natural gas service. Canter Power Systems has different generators to meet your home’s needs and personal budget.

Natural Gas Generator Benefits

  • Provides backup power reliability
  • Peace of mind
  • Readily available and convenient to use
  • Can increase the value of your home

To get started, contact Canter Power Systems. Canter Power Systems is offering customers in Austin and surrounding areas a a free 10-year warranty – valued at $1,035.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have an issue with my generator, will Texas Gas Service repair my generator equipment?
    No, Canter Power Systems will provide all installation and servicing. 
  • How does the generator work?
    The generator is permanently installed outside your home, like a central air conditioning unit. During a power outage, the generator is designed to detect a problem. The generator automatically turns on and uses the natural gas serving your home. No fuel storage is required. Once power is restored, the generator automatically turns off. Please consult with Canter Power Systems for details.
  • How much do the generators cost?
    The cost depends on your needs, including the size of your home. Canter Power Systems offers turnkey services from design to installation and service. In general, packages range from $9,500 - $30,000. Canter Power Systems provides financing options. This program is offered independently by Canter Power Systems. Final costs and billing will be through Canter Power Systems. 
  • Will the backup generator program be offered to customers outside of Austin and its surrounding areas?
    Currently, the backup generator program is available to those in Austin and surrounding areas. We are working to expand the program to other parts of Texas soon. 

This program is offered independently by Canter Power Systems and is not a product or service of Texas Gas Service, a Division of ONE Gas, Inc. Canter Power Systems is an independent company separate from Texas Gas Service. Your choice of whether to purchase a natural gas generator will not affect the price, availability or terms of service from Texas Gas Service.

The Railroad Commission of Texas does not regulate backup generators provided by Canter Power Systems. The program is optional. Texas Gas Service customers are not required to purchase a backup generator to receive natural gas service. Failure to pay the Canter Power Systems will not affect your natural gas service.