We understand that operating a sustainable business is an essential component of creating a better tomorrow. Our core values – safety, ethics, inclusion and diversity, service and value – are the foundation for all that we do and guide our sustainability strategy.


We deliver natural gas for a better tomorrow.


We understand that we have a responsibility to our stakeholders -- our shareholders, our employees, their families and the communities where we live and work -- to operate safely, efficiently and environmentally responsibly. We realize we will meet stakeholder expectations by focusing on our mission while keeping our values intact.



ESG Report

Our goal is to continuously improve. We are pleased to present our 2020 Sustainability Report, covering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress and performance for calendar year 2019. We look forward to sharing some of our highlights with you.

  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
    • Our governance practices and policies reflect ONE Gas’ strong commitment to our investors, employees, and community.
    • We are committed to the highest level of ethical standards in everything we do and make decisions by evaluating outcomes through the lens of our core values.
  • Responsible Environmental Stewardship
    • Natural gas is a safe, efficient, affordable, and reliable energy source.
    • We believe we have a shared responsibility to care for our planet and are committed to finding ways to reduce emissions and engage in proactive conservation efforts, as we move toward a low carbon future.
  • Technology and End-Use Efficiency
    • We work closely with our customers to encourage end-use conservation through education campaigns and customer programs.
    • We continue to invest in the development and adoption of innovative technology that improves operational and end-use efficiencies, and allows us to continue to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective service in a low-carbon future.
  • Culture / Our Employees
    • To build a better tomorrow for everyone, we support our employees, customers and communities.
    • Our culture is built on our core values – safety, ethics, inclusion and diversity, service, and value – and drives employee engagement.
    • Advancing a safe, ethical, inclusive and diverse culture for our 3,600 employees creates a high-performing workforce and an environment where top talent wants to work. Our employees care as much about one another as they do the customers we serve.
  • Inclusion and Diversity
    • We stand for inclusion and diversity, equality, and the value and voice of every employee.
    • We believe in listening to understand and learning from what we hear. As a leader in our industry and the communities we serve, we are committed to listening, learning and leading.
    • As part of our commitment, our Inclusion and Diversity Council, chaired by our CEO, provides governance and guidance for implementing our I&D strategy and sharing our vision of an inclusive and diverse workforce.
  • Our Communities
    • Social responsibility begins with understanding the needs of our communities. And we’re dedicated to doing just that.
    • Our commitment to be a responsible and engaged corporate citizen means we contribute to the well-being of the communities where we operate and where our employees live and work.

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2020 Sustainability Report

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